So, You've Been Eaten.

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So, Υοu've Asked for Upgrades. And demos.
7 months ago – Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 04:21:21 AM

Greetings, LudiCrats!

So, we were randomly googling stuff (ok fine you got us, we were looking up mentions of the game, like you never google yourself!), and we happened to come up on this very useful video (sufferers of phagophobia may want to avoid this one):

There is a disturbing amount of advice videos on the internet about what to do if you were swallowed by various animals (many of which sponsored by Squarespace for some reason).

We watched a few so you do not have to, and we are here to tell you that according to one such video the #5 tip on how to survive being eaten by a whale was "avoid whales". You are very welcome.

On to the actual update, which includes info on tiles, demos, Tabletopia, shipping to new territories (and to non-lower-48 US states & territories), as well as a few more videos about SYBE!

Upgrade Tiles

As we were playing the game with the protoype the other day, we noticed the punched out dice tower punchboard frame, which we kept - we keep just about everything so that we can keep track of the weight as we manage the production process.

Well, that punchboard, it turns out, has some extra space! So, we expanded the frame, rearranged it, and added the Upgrade tiles on it!

So, congrats Collector backers, you are getting the 3 more tiles (that some of) you asked for, and you can decide whether to play with them, or their transparent acrylic equivalents!

To get ahead of any questions, no, there is not much space left over, and if there is, we will have something more interesting than Bacteria/Crystal tiles.

The campaign page has been updated accordingly, please refer to it for a stunningly eye-pleasing pictorial representation of the goodies in your box.

Oh, and we have asked the factory to make the acrylic Upgrade tiles a little thinner, so that they are easier to see through - we will post any images of the new samples in a future update. And yes, we are keeping them, we like them. A lot.

Upgrade your pledge

Hey you! Yes, you! Basic/Premium backer!

Was the lack of black-and-yellow-striped cardboard tiles getting you down? Were you not sober when you backed this campaign and mis-clicked your pledge level and/or are now wondering what this whole thing is about? Do you have a moment to think about the miracle of triple-layered board technology (tm)?

Despair not, kind backer, for we have the way for you to avail yourself of answers to these questions, for the low, low cost of $20/$10 more of your so-called dollars!

What we mean to say, oh those of you still reading (slow news day?), is that you can, and according to our accountant, should, upgrade your pledge and boardgaming quality of life by switching to the Collector pledge level.

To help you achieve this very goal, we humbly (and selflessly!) have prepared this handy guide:

1. Step the first. Click here:

(or click "Manage your pledge" on browser / "Manage" on the KS app, from the main campaign screen)

2. Part Deux. Click on "Change your pledge" on browser / "Choose another reward" on the app.

3. You made it! Join 4000+ of your newest closest friends by scrolling down and selecting the $49 level and clicking "Continue" on the browser / swiping to the right (heh) for the $49 level and clicking "Select" on the app.

There, wasn't that easy?

Narrator: It wasn't easy.

Well, thanks in any case. When can we kickstart a better Kickstarter website?

Demo Games

We've already seen some rogue backers have been testing SYBE on Tabletop Simulator, and filming themselves doing it! We do not judge, and quite enjoy watching those videos, actually.

So, we thought we would join in the fun. We will be running demos, using the Tabletop Simulator modules already linked on the campaign page.

Dates and times are announced in our Discord server, and posted in this Google calendar.

To join us, come to the Discord server, check the #demos channel and join us in the demo voice channel. If you want to play, you should have Tabletop Simulator open. Of course you can just watch via Discord, we will do our best to share our screen.

Apologies if the time zones and timing do not work for your location and schedule, we will try to add more in the coming weeks. Those will be announced in the Discord server.


The very nice people at Tabletopia loved SYBE, and decided to implement it for their awesome platform, and so here it is! Free, browser-based, and playable without needing any software!

We will look into using it for demos, but we can not promise this at the moment. Still, you are very welcome to enjoy the game on Tabletopia - rumor has it, they might even be implementing the 0-player game!


New Destinations

Due to popular demand (and due to having a very helpful fulfillment partner in VFI Asia), we can now have your game shipped to: 

India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Peru

As mentioned in the previous update, if we have any more news, we will be posting them in a backer update - this applies to both any new fulfillment destinations and language editions.

At the moment, we have nothing more to report. Also, please check the FAQ, in case your question is already answered.

Non-Contiguous US Territories

Due to quite high fees we need to clarify that the USA shipping costs apply to the lower 48 states and DC.

Due to the geographic realities of Alaska, Hawaii, Guam & Puerto Rico, the fees to ship the game there are the ones for the "Everywhere else" category.

Please check the Fulfillment part of the campaign page, the FAQs, and if you have any questions, please contact us via the KS messaging system.

New Videos

We have had a ton more coverage for the game, including the first playthrough en español!

(Spanish-speaking backers, we are still looking at our options - stay tuned!)


Roll for Crit:

La Mesa de Dam:


The Hungry Gamer:

And, a very nice interview of Scott by the very nice One Stop Co-op Shop people:


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As previously mentioned, please check out the FAQ before asking or commenting about something, chances are your question has already been answered:

Contact us

The quickest way to contact us is to use the KS messaging system. Please do not send multiple messages via our website, FB page, Twitter, telepathy, semaphore - one message via KS will suffice, and we promise to get back to you as soon as we can:



P.S.: Yeah that was quite the meta musical interlude. Scott Almes, Wiz Khalifa, both great artists. What else do they have in common? Yeah, spitting rhymes they both do with gusto, but what else?

So, You've Funded a Game.
8 months ago – Mon, Mar 08, 2021 at 12:05:51 AM

We swear by Galileo, the fact that this episode aired on June 19, 2019 and the BGG entry for So, You've Been Eaten.  was created on July 22, 2019 is completely coincidental!

Seriously though. To create So, You've Been Eaten., Scott was inspired by his battle with Crohn's disease. If you would like to gain and spread awareness, please visit the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation:

Now, on to the rest of the update. There are quite a few parts, from good news for Canadians and new videos to Dyspepto-Beastmol and some Tiny Epicness!

New videos!

Some of you have seen them, but since the start of the campaign there have been 2 new videos, from One Stop Co-op Shop and from Man vs Meeple. We have a few more coming, but here are those for now:

A reminder about the copies of the game shown here and in all the other videos: These are prototypes.

They may not look like it, because they look really good (and expensive), but they are prototypes.

They are intended to give you an idea of how the game is played, and what kind of components there are. They literally have some rough edges. Component fit, feel and... fun(?) will be up to professional standards expected of modern board game manufacturing.



You went ahead and backed us enough to make us import your games.

So now your stereotypically (and often annoyingly) polite citizens will enjoy import-duty-free So, You've Been Eaten.-ness with their daily donut. As triumphantly mentioned in the comments, please raise your Mickey in celebration and rejoice!

(oh and yes, we are working on FR rules translation or full localization options, we will report on the situation as it develops - other languages and territories, please consult the FAQ)

New fulfillment destinations

Philippines, South Africa, Mexico, China. All your board game table are belong to us.

To pre-empt any further questions, if there are any changes, we will post about them and/or reach out to those who asked via KS message.

And no, unfortunately we still can not send to Brazil, and we do not expect that to change. Sorry. Really though, sorry.

Dyspepto-Beastmol. What is it good for?

Worry not, we have the rules! Enjoy this delicious PDF:

Please note that these rules are not final, and we may still edit them, just like the main game rules.

Also, keep in mind that as of now, we are not intending to have them printed - Dyspepto-Beastmol is a small item that we would prefer to keep as a $5 add-on (or included for free for Premium & Collector pledges).

Tiny Epic Concurrence

Before we conclude this update, we would like to thank Gamelyn Games for inspiring us to do our best to do a Scott Almes game justice.

In fact, Gamelyn and LudiCreations have some things in common. Besides both teams being composed of individuals of unsurpassed natural beauty, we also released Pocket Imperium when they were releasing Tiny Epic Galaxies, and now we both have games on KS at the same time - check out Tiny Epic Dungeons here:

Click on the image to check out Tiny Epic Dungeons!

And no, we are not Gamelyn's alternate-dimension time-travelling evil twin, and anybody spreading those rumors will be disintegrated with the tachyon singularity generator that we definitely did not bring with us from the future. Also, completely not related to anything else, but you *really* want to start recycling and building ocean cities right about now. 

Talk amongst yourselves!

Thank you for reading this far down. If you would rather talk to the creative team more directly, get advance notice of demos of So, You've Been Eaten. or otherwise want to connect with others like you, join us in our Discord server!


If you prefer some more distance between you and a publisher, consider our (sparingly sent) newsletter! Sign up here for bad puns and good games:


Finally, please do not hesitate to ask us any questions via comment, KS message or chemically-induced trance, but whatever you do, please first check the campaign page and/or the FAQs:

Contact us

The quickest way to contact us is to use the KS messaging system. Please do not send multiple messages via our website, FB page, Twitter, subspace, tightbeam - one message via KS will suffice, and we promise to get back to you as soon as we can:

A final note:

So, You Backed a Boring Campaign.

Yup. We are boring. Sometimes aggressively boring. Nothing to see here. No stretch goals, no updates every (other) day, no drama (we still reserve our right to drama).

So, you may get less (fewer? fewer.) backer updates. No, that does not mean we will hide things from you. Yes, we do want you as a backer, each and every one of you beautiful individuals (say it). As we mentioned in the comments, we promise to make at least one backer update for every $150,000 raised.


Thank you!

On behalf of Scott, Kwanchai and everyone in the creative team, thank you once again for getting us here, we can't wait for what comes next!